Editing Photos

In 2012 I traveled to Pennsylvania to see family and of course took lots of photos. Recently I realized that at least half of the photos I took I had barely looked at or considered using. At least half or more of the photos I took while there were of the Gerber Daisies at Hendricks Flower Shop in Lancaster. They all turned out beautifully, perfect lighting, composition, etc. The ones I took while going for a walk in Lancaster and later Philadelphia were another story though. The lighting was poor and they were a little over exposed. I saw something recently that made me remember the photos and I decided it was time to look at them and see if I could use any of them. I think it is kind of funny that it has taken me four years to go through them. I knew if I was going to use them they needed to be edited. This made me think it might be fun to tell you what programs I like to use to edit photos and why I like them.



The first is of course Photoshop. Right now I am using Adobe Photoshop Elements 13. It is a little different, I’m still not sure how much I really like it. I had previously used a much older version of Photoshop so it has been interesting adjusting to something new. It has some features that are fun but if you are serious about using Photoshop I personally recommend a different version.


The second is PicMonkey (http://www.picmonkey.com/). There are actually quite a few reasons why this is a great tool to edit your photos. First,  if your computer doesn’t have editing software on it don’t worry, PicMonkey is online. You can do all of your basic editing anywhere there is an internet connection. Second, it is very easy to use and understand. Third, there are some fun special effects you can use. Those are the basic reasons why it is so great. Go check it out for yourself!


Phone (Android):

The main app I use on my phone is Snapseed. It’s awesome, easy to use, and fun. If you are looking for a photo editing app I recommend you try this one.


Recently I tried doing a double exposure photo and decided to make it on my phone. I used Blender Camera to combine the two photos and then I used Snapseed to finish it out. Blender Camera is one I recommend just for fun and experimenting.


Have fun and happy editing!



Side Note: If you like listening to music while you are editing but the computer or laptop that you’re using doesn’t have music on it, I recommend YouTube. Just go on pick a song and make sure auto-play is on. You can also listen to a playlist but with playlists there are commercials with auto-play I didn’t hear one commercial.



Editing Photos | by Alicia R. Paparo | Copyright 2016