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My name is Alicia R. Paparo. I was born April 1993 in Pennsylvania. I’ve lived in Texas for the last 19 or so years. I am currently based in Wimberley, Texas. I love photography and just about any kind of art. I got my first camera around eight years old. In September of 2011 my aunt came for a visit and we decided to go play bingo at the local VFW. The largest prize there is $500, on the last play of the night. The chances of getting bingo were 52 numbers that night and the very last two number were exactly the numbers I needed. I won the $500 and knew exactly how I was going to spend it. I bought myself a Nikon Coolpix P500 digital camera. Having a digital camera has opened my mind to new possibilities. I now see the world very differently and it is my dream to show others the world I see.




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Alicia R. Paparo