News From The Month of April

Hello everyone!!!

I wanted to share a couple of really cool things I got to be a part of this month.


Last year my friend, Miriam Hobbs (a singer), and I collaborated on a photo shoot. Well her manager (Brenna Hobbs) approached me at the beginning of this month and asked if I would like to design the cover art for her first single. We looked through the photos from the shoot last year and the following photo is what we decided to go with. We all agreed it was the perfect photo for her first single, titled, “Count It Out”.

Make sure you check the song out, it is really good. 🙂


The other thing that happened this month was that I was asked to photograph some promotional footage for an upcoming event. Miriam Hobbs and her friends are putting together a great show for May 13th at the historic Fischer Hall in Fischer, Texas. I was really happy to be a part of this project for many reasons. It was great to work with friends again as well as continuing to improve my skills as a photographer.

Here are a few of the photos from the photo shoot.

The four entertainers performing on May 13th.


Miriam Hobbs


Jensen Collie


Makayla Williams


  Jeremiah Jordon

 As I continue to work with artists (singers, musicians, comedians, etc.) I have come to realize that I would like to continue working with other creative people. Music is an especially big part of my life so working with musicians is very enjoyable for me. I find it to be very inspiring to my creativity when I get to work with other artists. I hope to continue exploring this side of photography over time.

 I want to take a moment to thank my good friends Brenna, Miriam, and Makayla for your kind words and continued support of my photography. Thank you for the opportunities to continue being creative and follow my passion. It is very appreciated! Your support helps me believe that my photography is professional and that a career as a professional is there for me. 🙂 Thank you!!!

Thank you for reading my blog (aka adventures from amateur to professional photographer :))!!!

Alicia R. Paparo