Highlights of 2016

I would like to start off by thanking everyone for their support in 2016, THANK YOU!!! 2016 was a huge year for me. I learned new things, tried new things, upgraded to a new camera, traveled, and crossed things off my bucket list…

In March I worked with my friend, Miriam Hobbs, on my first ever photo shoot. It was an excellent experience for me. It helped me grow as a photographer as well as get over my apprehensions of photographing people. My hopes in 2017 are to work with more people on new projects and continue to grow as a portrait photographer.


In May I had the privilege of photographing as well as recording video footage for Miriam Hobbs, “Stars In Jars“, concert. This was a good experience, I learned more about using indoor light in photography. Also, it was just lots of fun! 🙂


In July I finished my first painting on canvas, titled “Nightlights”.


In August I decided it was time to upgrade to a new camera. I bought a Nikon D7200 with a Sigma lens (don’t currently remember details 🙂 ). I am extremely happy with the new challenges it provided. It was another lesson for me, a new way to grow as a photographer. This is the first photo I took with it.


After some practice I also captured my first time-lapse of the stars.


September was a really big month for me. I was invited to be a secondary photographer at my cousin’s wedding in Pennsylvania (where most of my family lives). My great-uncle flew in from PA to help my mother, brother, and I drive up to PA. This was the first time I had ever been on a real road trip before. It was also the first time I would set foot and/or take a photograph in Arkansas, Tennessee, Virginia, West Virginia and Maryland. I posted photos on Instagram all along the way, tagged #texastopennsylvaniaroadtrip2016.


While In Pennsylvania I got to take a walk through Lancaster with my Aunt.


I got to visit Hendricks’ Flower Shop and Greenhouses again and take LOTS of photographs. See a few more on 500px.


I walked around Lititz, PA and visited the now closed Wilbur Chocolate factory (pictured below).


And, of course, there was my cousin’s wedding. That was yet another great experience that helped me grow as a photographer.


To finish out September’s adventures, mom flew back home, my brother and I stayed in PA a little longer and my Aunt drove us back to Texas. On our way through Virginia we stopped at Mabry Mill on what must have been one of the most beautiful mornings I have ever witnessed.


Then, when we reached the border of Arkansas and Texas we stopped at the Texarkana Courthouse & Post Office so that I could cross “being in two places at once” off of my bucket list. (Going on a road trip was the other thing I got to cross of my bucket list.)


In October I taught myself how to photograph the milky way. I was super excited that my new camera has the ability to make that possible. 🙂


Later on in October I volunteered myself to photograph the 2016 IKTHOF World Championships (Knife and Tomahawk throwing) in Austin. I wanted to test my new camera and its ability to capture action shots and freeze movement. I also wanted to use the opportunity to work on my ability to photograph people. I capture over one hundred usable shots and was able to make a few animated GIF type videos from some of the photos. It was lots of fun and great to see how many people appreciated me capturing them and the memories they were making.



In November I finished another painting, titled “My Christmas Dream”.


I found myself back in Pennsylvania. This time it wasn’t for fun. However, I will say that I did have some fun while I was there. I got to go hiking (something I had never done before) with my Aunt and cousin. I got to take a few pictures on the hike. They were taken with my phone though. Taking my camera on that hike would have been very dangerous. 🙂


I also got half of my wish to see Autumn colors. A few trees still had their color and leaves.

In December I practiced my Photoshop skills.


“Bonsai On A Cliff” is a combination of two photos. The bonsai was taken at a nursery and the background, sky and mountains, was taken in Virginia.


“Creating Nebulae: Part 1” is a photo I took of clouds, turned upright, then a star overlay and color corrections added overtop.


The last highlight of the year that I want to share is this photo of the last supermoon of 2016.

Happy New Year Everyone!!!!!!! Once again thank you to everyone who supported me in 2016. Your support means the world to me.



Alicia R. Paparo