First Photo Shoot – A New Chapter In My Photography

I used to say I didn’t want to photograph people. I recently changed my opinions, deciding, what could it hurt to try something new. I had seen some photos that inspired me and decided I wanted to try photographing people. I have ideas of what I want but will need more practice before they will be a reality. Anyway, I asked a close friend if her daughter would mind being my model and in turn they will have the option to use any photos I captured. I figured it would be good practice for my photography, even if I decide not to continuing growing in this type of photography. Here are my favorite photos from my first photo shoot.


Photo Shoot With Miriam Hobbs – March 14, 2016:

It was an approximately seven hour-long photo shoot. We started in Blanco, Texas and finished in San Marcos, Texas.


In Blanco:


In Blanco we didn’t have any specific location we wanted to go to we just wandered around. Blanco is a beautiful historic looking town. All of the pictures we took were around the square. If you ever visit Blanco their city park is beautiful in Spring.

Miriam - Blanco - #1 - Sig - F          Miriam - Blanco - #3 - Sig - F

Miriam - Blanco - In The Window - #2 - Sig - F         Miriam - Blanco - Redbud Tree - #2 - Sig - F

Miriam - Blanco - Laying In The Gazebo - Sig - F      Miriam - Blanco - Park - Sig - F

Miriam - Blanco - Leaning Against Railing - Sig - F        Miriam - Blanco - In The Window - #1 sig - F

Miriam - Blanco - In A Tree - #2 - Sig - F         Miriam - At Table - 31416 - F

Miriam - Blanco - Hiding in The Bushes - Sig - F Miriam - Her Eye - Sig - F


In San Marcos:


I had found a few places in San Marcos that looked interesting. First, an island in the middle of the river. Second, the alley where someone painted a mural of the town’s zip code. Third, the train tracks on River Road.


Miriam - SM - River - Sig - F                  Miriam - SM - Island - 31416 - F

Miriam - SM - Alley - Sig - F              Miriam-PopArt1 - Doorway - Sig - F

Miriam - TrainTracks - 31416 - F


We met a cool dog in Blanco, met some fun extras in San Marcos, and Miriam even sang an impromptu cover of Jason Mraz’s “I’m Yours” with a singer song writer that was writing music at Cafe on The Square.

Miriam - Blanco - Petting Dog - Sig - F             Miriam - SM - And The Guys - 31416 - F


It was a fun day, I learned a lot. I also think that continuing to photograph people is definitely in my future. I am leaning more towards outdoor portraits and such more than in the studio. I am better at controlling light outdoors than indoors. I like the outdoors look better anyway.


My thoughts:

1. Life is to short not to have  fun.

2. Don’t be afraid to try new things.

3. I don’t write blogs like most people. I treat it more like an easier way to share all my photos. 🙂 Enjoy!



Meet Miriam:


The model in these pictures is Miriam Hobbs. Miriam is an up and coming singer living here in Texas. She recently launched a KickStarter Campaign to raise the funds for her first album. Make sure you go check her out on her website.


What was it like working with her?

It was a blast working with someone like her for my first photo shoot. She has a great sense of humor and is just a fun person to hang out with. I didn’t really have to direct her in any way. It just worked out great, almost like she knew where and how to stand to get a good photo. She has done some acting and has performed on stage numerous times so she has the “drama” down.


Thanks for stopping by!

Alicia R. Paparo



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