New News & A Nighttime Adventure

Photo above – First photo taken with my new Nikon D7200 – Alicia R. Paparo

New News


I have been using a Nikon Coolpix P500 for about five years now. At the beginning of the year I had to send it in to get cleaned. Well, when I got it back something seemed different about it. It just doesn’t seem to operate the same way. That was one of the reasons I made the decision that it was time to upgrade to a new camera. I also have been wanting to expand my horizons and learn new things that I knew were only possibly with a new camera. My new camera is a Nikon D7200.


A Nighttime Adventure


Last night (August 11 – 12, 2016) I went out to try to photograph the meteor shower. I was out there from 11:00 PM to 12:40AM. unfortunately I didn’t see any falling stars/meteors at all. I was very disappointed. I’m also a little worried that maybe I missed it but who knows. Regardless it was fun experimenting with my new camera. I’ve been wanting to practice night photography for forever. It’s awesome!!!! I got a couple of photos last night that I like enough to share with everyone 😉


Starry Night - 1 - 71116 - Sig

“Starry August Night”

4.07 Minute Exposure


I actually have a kind of funny story. I had been outside for quite some time at this point. I’m standing there by my camera and I hear this noise, actually there had already been quite a few noises. Anyway, I thought maybe it was our dog or one of the cats. I turn around and see something scurrying around. It’s definitely not our dog and it’s legs are too short to be a cat. I thought maybe it was the possum my sister saw the other night. It doesn’t appear to be coming in my direction so I quickly forget about it. About ten minutes later I hear this noise that I’ll admit kind of freaked me out. I start trying to get my flashlight turned on, yes maybe I was panicking a little. I turn on the flashlight and an armadillo is headed straight for me! My first thought is “are armadillos aggressive?”. I decided I didn’t want to find out so I started stomping my feet. After running and then walking back towards me then running off again it finally left me alone. So, yeah, I’m not totally sure how I feel about nighttime noises.

Stars - Timelapse - 71116

“Starry Time-lapse”

30 Sec. Exposure