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“Music City Reflections”

About The Photo:

I was vacationing in Tennessee for the last day of 2017 and first few days of 2018. Some friends of mine were there and had invited me to join them. They took me down to Broadway in Nashville to show me around. Knowing I would want to get some photos and check out the music. We walked in to Margaritaville to listen to the musician playing. As we walked out I turned to look back at the musician through the window when I noticed the reflection. With the buildings in the background and the sign that says Nashville I thought it was a picture perfect moment.

I later figured out who the musician was and introduced myself through social media. Her name is Taylor Austin Dye. She is an independent country artist based in Tennessee. Take a moment and go check out her work!

-> Taylor Austin Dye

Alicia is such a talent behind the camera. She captured one of my all-time favorite photos of myself. She is able to take what could be just a regular shot, and make it into something so creative and profound. Her work speaks for itself! – Taylor Austin Dye

About The Photo:

Early 2016 I decided I was ready to try photographing people. I asked my friend, Miriam, if she would be interested in being the model. We put together wardrobe options and drove through Blanco and San Marcos, Tx looking for the perfect backgrounds. This specific photo was captured in Kissing Alley in San Marcos (near the 78666 mural).

Miriam and I later went on to do many more projects. The big one being the artwork for her first album titled “Can’t Stop The Girl”. She loved the photos from our first photo shoot so much that she wanted to use them for her album. She asked me to be the one to design the booklet. Buy your copy and check out the artwork and some great music!

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I was a little skeptical when I decided to take photos for my very first album. I was worried that I would hear “Say cheese” and imitate a Teletubby character. I have a very shy personality when I feel intimidated. If I were going to feel comfortable in front of a camera I knew I was going to need someone who could help lead me through it.
Thankfully, Alicia was just the person I needed. She gave me things to smile about as we walked around a beautiful town. She was constantly pointing out something special. This gave me something to focus on and appreciate and in that moment she would take her shot. It felt more like I was hanging out with my conscious-simply dozing around enjoying nature. Yet at the same time I was completely aware that she was there with a camera in my face. I would catch myself frequently staring straight into the lens. That’s when Alicia would look up and laugh with me about something. There were even times where I posed for a few shots her and I both wanted to experiment with. All I had to do was be myself and she seemed to take care of the rest.
When it came time to look at the photos with Alicia, I was amazed! It was nothing like looking into a mirror it was more like looking into a fantasy and that was before she had even touched the edit button. I couldn’t have been happier with the results. Alicia has a creative eye and loving heart. She seems to catch you when you are off guard and even when you’re not she catches something you never would have imagined. 
My album looks so professional. I love how it looks better than some of the most popular albums in the entire US. I seriously looked like a superstar because of Alicia. Who could ask for anything better? – Miriam Hobbs

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