A Foggy Morning & Fall Colors

Just the other day I was thinking that I haven’t seen fog in a while. I love the way it looks when there is fog, it’s kind of dreamy. Then this morning I woke up and it was foggy out. I was so happy! I was thinking “I can’t wait to go take pictures”.

In The Woods - #5 - 121115

When I walked outside I saw so many beautiful things. I started in the woods out back and ended up taking most of my pictures out there.

Bench in The Woods - 121115

The Autumn colors have gotten prettier and more vibrant recently in this part of Texas. If you live in a more southern area in Texas you know that it is unfortunately rare you get to see the really pretty colors of Autumn.

In The Woods - #7 - 121115

I don’t ever remember the colors being quite so beautiful in our backyard, but they are this year.

Trees - #1 - 121115

It was lots of fun walking around taking pictures this morning. I hope you enjoyed seeing my photos!

Alicia R. Paparo

Thoughts of the Moment:

• I’m not sure if this actually counts as a blog. I don’t know if there are “rules” on how many words you should use etc. They say a picture is worth a thousand words though….If that is how you see it I am up to 5,000+ words 😉

• I feel like when I don’t use my camera I am neglecting it that I shouldn’t let it sit so long without using it. I used to take pictures with it almost everyday. I started using my phone more after I started an Instagram account. I should probably work on that.