Leaves Changing Colors in Texas

If you live in Texas you know that depending on where you live you aren’t going to see many leaves change colors with the autumn season. The majority of trees in central Texas are Cedar and Oak. Cedar trees have needles, not leaves, that change to a rust brown color. The leaves of Oak trees don’t change or fall until spring. The only trees I can identify that do change are the Texas Red Oak (Spanish Oak) and Wild Plum.

In our backyard is a Wild Plum tree. So far that is the only tree that I have seen changing and losing leaves. Yesterday I went out to try some new techniques and filters and got some good shots of it. The weather has also started getting a little cooler. It was a beautiful autumn day, perfect for being outside taking photos.

On a side note I climbed a tree for the first time in probably thirteen years. It is amazing what you will do for a good photograph. Although, unfortunately, I did not get a good photograph. 🙁


Green Leaves


In The Woods Pt 3

I had a little fun with these photos. In other words they didn’t exactly look like this.